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Teeth whitening

Often we get asked by patients if it's possible to have their teeth whitened. Usually, the answer is yes, but everyone's situation is different. 

Teeth can get discoloured for quite a few different reasons. Usually we class them under two main reasons. More commonly they are in a form of external (or "extrinsic") staining from things like pigments in foods and drinks, or  smoking. The other form is internal (or "intrinsic")  staining and these are generally associated with genetics, developmental disorders or high levels of fluoride. Deposits of plaque and calculus, or even cavities, can also give teeth a stained look.

Depending on the reason for the staining, how we would tackle the whitening would vary. Sometimes the stains can be physically removed via a thorough clean with an ultrasonic instrument. Quite commonly, the stains are bleached with a gel that lightens the colour of the stain particles ("chromogens"), and this is done by wearing a custom made tray for 2-4 hours a day or overnight. The teeth and gums can get a bit sensitive for a few days during this process. In more severe cases, the bleaching agent may need to be put inside the tooth; a process usually associated with previously root treated teeth.

Teeth whitening can have a very satisfying aesthetic result, but to achieve that we need to know the precise reason for the stains, so that we can find the best way to whiten them.

Dr Philip Chien, BDSc(Hons)Qld

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