Temporomandibular Disorder

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is also commonly known as your jaw joint.  It is a very complex joint which plays a vital role in functions such as speaking and eating.

Temporomandibular Disorder is very common, affecting a large proportion of the population at some stage in their lives.  Most symptoms are generally mild and require no more than regular monitoring. However, in more severe cases, reversible intervention with occlusal splints and even surgery may be required to relieve symptoms.

There are many causes and symptoms of TMD.  Causes can be unknown but may include high stress and anxiety, clenching or grinding, a history of trauma, fracture and jaw dislocations, autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, poorly shaped restorations, misaligned or missing teeth.

Signs and symptoms often include clicking or locking of the jaw joint, limited or difficulty opening and closing the mouth, headaches, earaches or ringing of the ears. There may be head, neck, shoulder and back pain and sensitivity or tooth pain to hot and cold.  The pain may be present when 1st waking up in the morning, or it may develop throughout the day or get worst towards the evening.

Bruxism is a common temporomandibular disorder, characterised by excessive clenching and grinding of teeth. It is one of those conditions that you could be suffering from without even knowing, as symptoms are not always immediately noticeable.  The range of likely causes of bruxism are both physical and psychological. Any treatment will often need to address both these things and this may include referral to appropriate medical colleagues including GPs, ENT’s as well as allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, who have a special interest in the head and neck region.  


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