Practice Accreditation

So, what does practice accreditation mean for you?  Think “Safety, Quality, and Peace of Mind”. Our team at Narangba Dental have worked extremely hard to meet a strict set of standards (National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards), committing us to continuously improve the safety and quality of care we deliver to you.

So why does this matter? Unlike the public health service, practice accreditation is voluntary for private dental practices. Here at Narangba Dental, we were one of the 1st dental practices to undergo this vigorous process to ensure we are providing the best service we can for our patients. Ask our staff to view Narangba Dental’s certificate of accreditation. We’ll gladly show it off because we are proud of our accredited status.

Our practice has a firm commitment to safety and quality. Every decision made by our dental team considers your safety and works to ensure a high quality of service. We welcome your feedback in the interest of making things the best they can possibly be.

Our team will work together with you in all aspects of your dental care. You can talk to any one of our team members about your care and your concerns. We have measures in place to protect your privacy, your information and data, and systems set up securely to store this information.


Narangba Dental utilises a HICAPS system to claim from your health fund at the time of your appointment. Whilst health fund rebates may vary, our primary relationship is with you, the patient and not your health fund. We are happy to provide you with itemised quotes prior to commencing, enabling you to confer with your chosen fund to establish the benefits you will receive towards the cost of your treatment.

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