Digital Radiography

Why go digital?


The simple answer is that everything has gone digital and dentistry is no different.  The main advantage of our digital xray system is that the dosage is less than half of the old analog systems.  It is important to remember that taking radiographs is never to be taken lightly and will only be recommended if our dentists deem it necessary.  In saying that, dental radiographs inside the mouth are very minute compared to other medical devices and the doses are extremely small.  New devices are very well collimated and scatter radiation is almost a non-existant event.   

Current recommendations is that no lead apron is required for dental radiography.  However, we would still like to take precautions with children under 18 years and pregnant women.  If you have any concerns what-so-ever, please do not hesitate to discuss these issues with our dentists.  


Narangba Dental utilises a HICAPS system to claim from your health fund at the time of your appointment. Whilst health fund rebates may vary, our primary relationship is with you, the patient and not your health fund. We are happy to provide you with itemised quotes prior to commencing, enabling you to confer with your chosen fund to establish the benefits you will receive towards the cost of your treatment.

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