Many sports played in Australia have a real risk of contact and the potential for serious dental trauma. These sorts of injuries can be difficult to treat, and often involve a lifetime of treatment and expense. Mouthguards will not necessarily stop all injuries occurring, but they will reduce these risks significantly.

Custom-made mouthguards should be considered a mandatory part of your sporting equipment, no matter your age or level of experience. If used, stored and checked regularly, a custom-fitted mouthguard should last several seasons. Please remember however, in a growing child, mouthguards may need more regularly replacements.

A mouthguard that is custom-fitted is far superior to any over-the-counter mouthguard bought in pharmacies and sports stores. Custom-made mouthguards are specifically designed to fit the exact contours of your mouth. They work by absorbing and spreading the impact around the entire mouth rather than a single point, and thus reducing the risk of serious sporting injuries such as broken jaws, fractured, cracked or lost teeth, cut lips and tongues. Your bite can be adjusted properly and a good mouthguard will allow a superior fit, better speech and normal breathing.

The most obvious sports requiring custom-made mouthguards include rugby league, rugby union, AFL, hockey, boxing and the multitude of different martial arts. However, plenty of non-contact sports like basketball, netball, touch football, soccer, riding bikes, scooters, roller-blading and skateboarding carry a real risk of accidental collision and falls which can result in dental trauma.

If your sporting club is looking to put in place a mandatory mouthguard policy, you are welcome to download this form endorsed by both the ADA and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).


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