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Sensitive Toothpaste - is it right for me?

People often wonder why they have sensitive teeth. You may find a small tingling or stinging feeling in your teeth every now and then, especially when you drink cold things or take a breath of cold air. It may not be painful enough to bother you, but for some people, it can certainly be quite frustrating.

This often leads to the question: “should I use a sensitive toothpaste?” You may have seen that most major brands of toothpaste have a sensitive toothpaste variant.
There are several reasons people can find their teeth sensitive. Sometimes, they can be a sign of decay in teeth in its earlier stages. Sometimes, it can happen when the gums recede and pull away from teeth – a sign of gum disease. Sometimes, it can even be caused when you brush your teeth too hard!
The reasons often vary, and depending on the reason, a sensitive toothpaste may or may not be the answer to help with the sensitivity.
It is always best to visit your dentist.  They can determine the cause and recommend the right desensitising toothpaste where appropriate.
Dr Philip Chien, BDSc(Hons)Qld

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